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Nestler-matho - Technique meets Design

Since 1965 Nestler-matho collaborates with the promotional product industry exclusively. Nestler-matho is characterized by longlasting connections, good partnership and reliable references.

The company's history

  • Company with more than 100 years of tradition
  • From the Nestler Slide Rule to design product
  • Since 1965 member of the Präsent-Service-Institut (PSI, an international network for the sector of means of promotion), member of the BWG (= Bundesverband der Werbemittel-Berater und -Großhändler, it's the German association of consultants and wholesalers of means of promotion) and of the BWL (= Bundesverband der Werbemittel-Lieferanten, it's the German association of providers of means of promotion)

Note regarding the online catalogue:
external content by courtesy of Nestler-matho GmbH & Co. KG.

Nestler-matho online catalogue 2017

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