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Lamy - Design. Made in Germany.

Lamy is an independant family-owned enterprise which has been founded in 1930 by C. Josef Lamy in Heidelberg. Since 1952 LAMY exists as a brand which has proven its innovative capacity early in its first year with the LAMY 27, the completely novel fountain pen product series. In 1966, Lamy Design, the unique Lamy styling, was born with LAMY 2000.

With an annual production of more than 6 million of writing utensils and annual sales of 65 million euros, Lamy is today not only market leader in Germany but also is part of the German design brands whose products take an exceptional position on the global market.

Note regarding the online catalogue:
external content by courtesy of C. Josef Lamy GmbH.

Lamy online catalogue 2016, 2017 (not available in english)

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Schwan-Stabilo - individual writing utensils for your customers

The brand STABILO stands for colorful and pioneering products and offers quality, innovations and desirable products. Thus, writing ergonomics on product development for STABILO is as important as fashion and trends. By its innovation strength the assortment always is attractive and lively. This concerns lifestyle as well as functionality.

A branded product as giveaway is guaranteed to be used gladly and for a long term and STABILO offers for every target group and every campaign the appropriate writing utensil in European STABILO brand quality. Thus, a long-term advertising effect is guaranteed.

Note regarding the online catalogue:
external content by courtesy of Schwan-Stabilo Promotion Products GmbH & Co. KG.

Schwan-Stabilo Workbook 2017/2018

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Lanybook by Lediberg

We, the Lediberg GmbH company, domiciled in Lemgo (Germany), rank among the well-renown providers of calendars. This success is based upon the clear objective target to be a strong partner of the trade in means of promotion.

Probably there is no comparable company in Germany which has developed such a positive and dynamic rate of growth in the sector since its foundation (1989). The result of this solid development is based upon many different reasons. Only the harmonious relation of all individual components to each other results in the success story.

Note regarding the online catalogue:
external content by courtesy of Lediberg GmbH.

Lanybook online catalogue 2017

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